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Music industry constitutes an important driving force of the European culture. Over the last few decades, it has changed significantly, being now at a point of rethinking itself. Especially now, it is facing challenges that are putting its future at risk. The ongoing crisis has unearthed the already existing problems of our sector that need to be addressed systematically and holistically. 

Footprints is a new collaborative project that aims at reforming the music sector and introducing the values of social, economic and environmental responsibility to its activities. Created on the initiative of the Périscope : Musiques Innovantes from Lyon and INTL Jazz Platform from Lodz, Footprints is a direct continuation of Jazz Connective project which has been implemented by 6 European countries within years 2018 – 2020.

  • Footprints will introduce a series of activities aiming at helping all the actors of the music sector to move around the European music market and at consolidating the European creative music community around the values we currently need more than ever. 
  • Footprints is a 4-year programme to support young European artists and agents in order to improve the skills and know-how of new professionals in the music sector. Focusing on the social, ecological and economic aspects of artistic careers, Footprints aims at facilitating the circulation of artists in Europe.

Together with 5 experienced European partners INTL Jazz Platform from Lodz, Périscope : Musiques Innovantes from Lyon Bimhuis from Amsterdam, Austrian Music Export from Vienna and Oslo Jazz Festival, the project plans to provide education, training and mentoring programmes for artists, agents and promoters. 


  • Footprints will provide two successive training and touring programmes (2021 – 2022 / 2022 – 2023) for artists and agents who will be working together on building the concert tours in Europe with the support and mentorship of FT partners. More generally, each step and each contribution to Footprints will help to develop global resources to the music sector in order to shape news models in artistic circulation. These resources will be shared and broadcasted among European artistic networks.





VIDEO Les ateliers Footprints 2021 

VIDEO INTL Jazz Platform: Footprints Edition 2021 



Lyon (14 – 21 June 2021) | Photo: Paul Bourdrel
Łódź (18 – 22 July 2021) | Photo: Mikołaj Zacharow




Lyon (2 – 6 May 2022) | Photo: Paul Bourdrel


Łódź (10 – 14 July 2022) | Photo: Mikołaj Zacharow


Footprints Panel Discussion: Music market as a network of formal and informal connections
Moderator: Martyna Markowska
Wim Wabbes (EJN President)
Aurelien Pitavy (Charlie Free Jazz Festival)
Karolina Juzwa (Intl jazz Platform)
Lotte Anker (saxophonist & composer)

Footprints Panel Discussion: Ecology in the music business
Moderator: Karolina Juzwa
Jan Ole Otnæs (Nasjonal Jazzscene Victoria)
Garance Amieux (Périscope Lyon)
Pierre Dugelay (Périscope Lyon)
Frank van Berkel (Bimhuis)


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