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As the weather forecast for today is not too bright, we’ve decided to move the Nadah El Shazly concert and ...


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facebook 21.09. 2018

Druga godba added a post. This weather calls for funky exotica. Thank you Bogdan for this one! Digital album releases September 28, 2018

facebook 11.09. 2018

Druga godba added a post. 'When a hard-line religious government took over Sudan in 1989, one of the first casualties was music. Lost were the diverse sounds of the capital Khartoum - the hypnotic violin…

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facebook 03.09. 2018

Druga Godba is getting educated. Take a few minutes and watch SYSTEM's outstanding documentary series Migrant Sound, 'a youthful celebration of migration and its impact on the UK’s music and culture'. There's episode 2 online…

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facebook 30.08. 2018

Druga godba added a post. Don't wait for me summer, oh don't wait for me

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